About Ormus

Namaste & Welcome to the world of Ormus and how it can help you reach to your greatest potential in life and in

health. Ormus is a remarkable substance which is extracted from vital trace minerals that our bodies are usually

depleted of.  In this day and age many people are not presently realizing that they are eating over processed foods

and GMO’s that cause the body to age faster. Ormus research has lead to a revolutionary new way to supplement the

body and consciousness with everything it needs to flourish just like an award-winning organic plant would if given

the proper care… or at the very least, the bare essentials… good soil, sunlight, water, and all the vital “trace minerals”

it needs to survive. The very best sources of Ormus trace minerals are abundantly found in ancient mineral deposits,

ocean water, clay, metals (pure gold), plants, etc… Previously unknown to modern scientist, a farmer from Arizona

named David Hudson began to discover these essential Ormus elements accidentally while attempting to bring his

dead soil fields back to life by ‘swinging’ the PH of the soil… Inspired to look even deeper into the matter, David found

ways to fund over 8 million dollars of extensive research experiments with state of the art science facilities at his

disposal in order to reveal what he would have called the missing link, or holy grail, the manna of the immortals, or

the fountain of youth.  This research into Ormus showed fantastic and mystical behaviors detectable not only in

plants, but also the human body and consciousness. Since then, many of us have continued to research and develop

new and improved methods for extracting this one of a kind unique substance so now it can be properly introduced

to the world around us and to those who need it most… for a friend or loved one; Are you ready to give Ormus

Manna a try? order an 8 oz bottle today!   Browse the Ormus.life shop for the full selection of goods in stock at this time.

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